Fourth & Fifth Closing (Anticipated) FAQ

So, you've heard the news. We're closing at the end of September 2020.  Surprised?  Sad?  We hope to make sense of it here.


Our landlord is not renewing our lease.  We took on a gutted and totally refurbished unit, designed a new brand and brought life to a part of CMK that had been in decline for several years.  Each year we grew on our last and we are still on a steady incline even as we plan for our premature demise.  The plan was always to create such a place, our landlord’s vision and ours, and we achieved it.  They’ve now chosen to go in a different direction.


Is it Covid related?

No.  When we had to close in March we were in a good position to remain in business for several months, even if closed and taking no money in.  Covid has affected our opening times and capacity but not the outlook for the business.


Would you consider relocating to another unit somewhere?

Unlikely, as the four partners involved in Fourth & Fifth are pursuing other ventures.  However, we are open to selling the brand.  We have a successful business and a fantastically loyal following.  It’s uncertain times but there are still people looking to start cafes and restaurants, especially with units becoming available as others close.  If you’re interested in taking on a successful brand or know someone who would, please get in contact or pass on our email (serious bidders only, full accounts available for past 3 years to back up our claims of yearly growth)


What’s going to happen to your staff?

This is the tragedy in all this.  We’ve been unbelievably fortunate to have found and nurtured the hardest working team.  Most had little job experience, let alone hospitality experience, but through a combination of belief, training and them developing themselves they’re able to run one of the busiest food venues in central MK.  You’ve been served by them, joked with them, maybe even become friends with them – just like us.  Covid has meant we’re unlikely to be able to take any of them with us over to Bogota and it’s the reality that we can’t promise them anything, all we can do is work as hard helping find them find another position as they did building what we are about to say goodbye to.  If you are a local business, recruiter or other such party that has liked what they’ve seen and believe they can help any of our staff please get in touch  The ethos and work ethic is there for all to see, we wouldn’t hesitate recommending any of them.

Damn it!  I’m one Magic Stamp away from a free coffee!

You may know already, but when you can’t find us here, you can find us over there ( and Bogota Coffee will honour all free coffees and transfer all collected stamps over to their Magic Stamp card the day after we close.


What about Carlo’s Coffee Kitchen? Is he in limbo?

No, that’s just how he dances.  Carlo’s coffee is coming with us and is available at Bogota Coffee as an alternate bean.  You can actually meet the real Carlo over there too*

(*Tuesdays, pictures by appointment only)


Can we still visit / book?

Yes.  We’ll be welcoming you as normal up until we close at the end of September (date to be announced).  You can book via our website and we encourage people to come along and enjoy yourselves with the team one last time…or two.


Who is going in there in your place?

We don’t know, sorry.  We wish them luck. 


Your place was over-priced, slow, smelt funny, I didn’t like the seating. Aren’t we all better off?

As the Zen master said to the boy, “We’ll see.”  We’re a small, independent business.  At least one of the owners was there every day listening (maybe sat next to you without you knowing), trying to improve the café for the better.  Yes there were, and are, many problems with the space, the facilities and the unit in general.  Most of the time we were learning as we went, but every change we made we made for you.  It is a fundamental truth that you cannot please everyone, but it never stopped us trying.


Wait, you’re really going?  What am I going to do now???

You can find some of us over at Bogota Coffee in the Hub, two minutes’ walk away ( )

View Bogota's menu here        


Aren’t you sad about it all?

Bottom line is, this is business and we understand that.  It is the landlord’s prerogative to do whatever they wish with their unit and as the little guy on the playing field, you always know that.  We all remember the feeling of having a favourite toy taken away just as you were in the happy throes of enjoying it.  Or being the one on the end of unrequited love in a break-up.  This is like that, but with an excess stock of sausages to shift.   


We thank all of you who have visited with us over the last 3 years, we know many have shared happy memories with family, friends and even us, total strangers before, and this is what we always wanted.  We can’t thank our staff enough, those since the start and those that have come and gone, all of them contributed to what Fourth & Fifth was and now always will be when we look back on it.  Thank you.    



Witan Studios

280 Witan Gate West


Milton Keynes





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